"CISO as a service" or as it's more frequently called, (on-demand) virtual CISO
(Chief Information Security Officer) is one of our prime offering.
  • We provide companies with qualified security experts that they might not be able to find (or afford) on their own.
  • Without increasing headcount, our vCISO can solve many of your security, privacy, and compliance issues.
  • They can assess your threats and risks, and help you make smart decisions about your security to align with your business objectives.
Our virtual CISO could play the same role a full-time CISO would, but in a more cost-effective manner.
Handling security on a short-term or limited engagement, providing strategy, guidance, and oversight.
Operating with an independent voice, our vCISO can often avoid the internal politics that plague some organisations.
vCISOs are becoming common across many industries, including technology, healthcare, marketing, insurance, retail, finance, and manufacturing.

Companies that use a vCISO are typically trying to solve one of two problems: time or money. If the company is on a tight schedule, they may not be able to wait to find a candidate, get them onboarded, and bring them up to speed.

Companies that have short-term needs or are on a budget can also benefit from hiring a vCISO. Small or medium-sized businesses may not be able to attract or afford a full-time CISO. Other companies may be looking for efficiencies and cost-cutting measures.

5 benefits of choosing our vCISO service

  1. Expertise & core competencies
  2. Cost & time effectiveness
  3. Reduced business risk & flexibility to work on projects as needed
  4. Improving your in-house team
  5. Objective independence