Virtual CISO: The Force Recon Team of Information Security

Virtual CISO: The Force Recon Team of Information Security
Virtual CISO: The Force Recon Team of Information Security

"Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master," noted Christian Lous Lange, the Norwegian historian, teacher, and political scientist. One of the leading intellectuals of the idea of ​​internationalism and a 1921 Nobel peace prize winner. This accurate and felicitous quote was said somewhere back in the 1930s but feels astonishingly relevant for present times.

Our technology manifests itself in every aspect of our lives, keeping the order intact through our data and intelligent systems. Nevertheless, although technology plays a leading part in our society on a macro and micro level, it also created an extreme dependency and an extensive need for Cybersecurity models counter to breaches and system malfunctions.

In this day and age, big corporations and small, including healthcare systems, government facilities, universities, and more, conduct themselves with secure data. The organizations' functionality relies on technological systems and data collection. That is why it is beyond crucial for them to have ongoing data security to prevent breaches and exposure to hazards. To achieve that, they use CISO/ Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

CISO operates as an information security manager and has a colossal undertaking. Its primary responsibility is Cybersecurity management in the organization. It requires detailed knowledge of Cybersecurity structure, methodologies, Cyber unit management, and overall organizational perception. 

Furthermore, the CISO is accountable for regulating the proper strategy to secure companies' information and data by examining all aspects of the company's data and the potential risks. This binds a deep familiarity with possible risks and even more crucial, effective, and quick solutions.

So, what is the difference between a CISO and a Virtual CISO?

Ultimately, they both have the same goal in secure the companies' information. The main difference lies in the on-premise expert position as opposed to a virtual team of experts that remotely provide CISO as a service.

Utilizing effective information security services requires stringent qualifications. Among those:

  • Relevant education in the field of information security (like CISO, for example).
  • Experience in the technological field (software, networks, systems management)
  • Experience in regulation and the proper methodology
  • Mastery and expertise in IT infrastructure.
  • Familiarity with data communication.
  • Thorough knowledge of Cybersecurity tools.
  • Experience and familiarity with server installation.

Discovering a CISO expert that meticulously exceeds all of these requirements is not an easy task, and operatively neither economical. That is why there is an increasing demand for Virtual CISO services. One company, in particular, that is known for its impeccable Virtual CISO services is OR Security. 

OR Security is a Cybersecurity company based in Berlin and Budapest and is currently a member of the ECSO label (European Cybersecurity Organization). The company founder and CEO is Örs Apr HORVÁTH, a multi-skilled authority in Cybersecurity with over 20 years in the information technology industry. CISO is one of the main specialties amidst the company's many services, with constantly high demand and supreme performance. Their highly experienced team of experts serves all the essential requirements for reliable and steady CISO services at affordable costs.

Among numerous known corporations and organizations that make use of OR Security services, one can find Data4Life, a digital health nonprofit organization based in Potsdam, Berlin, Barcelona, and Singapore. This unique NGO implements digital solutions and impacts healthcare by integrating technology, data, and science. Also, their digital solutions were designed to support people in improving their health and life quality. Data4Life holds highly valuable information, including users' health data, symptom tracker and medical research. This makes them more exposed to breaches and more likely to be targeted by Cybercriminals. 

OR security founder and CEO, Mr.Örs Apr HORVÁTH, stated, "It was imperative to me when I founded OR Security that the company's core value will be to provide our clients the best services cost-effectively. As a specialist that works in the information technology industry for over 20 years, I thoroughly understand the need for high standards of Cybersecurity services and the potential repercussions of an unprofessional performance. That is why my team and I always give 110% to each project and client, big, small, long term or a short one".

So, is technology being our servant, or perhaps our master? The answer to that is a matter of outlook. But one thing is abundantly evident: the ones that make this system run smoothly are the CISO specialists and the Cybersecurity experts. They always stay more ingenious than modern technology and prevent this glorious creation from turning on their master. Among them, setting the bar high with a second to none performance stands OR Security.

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